vom Hognadottir Rottweiler and German Shepherd Kennel photo California

vom Hognadottir Rottweiler and German Shepherd Kennel

Betty Burden

We have been breeding for over 40 years both Rottweilers and German Shepherds we have excellent Temperament for family pet ,working, show, they do it all we are a Licence Kennel in northern California

Carrabba Haus Rottweilers photo New York

Carrabba Haus Rottweilers

Carrabba Haus Rottweilers

Carrabba Haus Rottweilers is one of the Most successful Rottweiler breeding programs in the world. Carrabba Haus has produced many champion Rottweilers winning top V1 ratings from the most prestigious ADRK show in Germany and various shows in Europe and the USA.

Breeding is an art. Part intuition, part analytics, and all passion. The craft of great breeding starts with a vision. A dream dog. For Carrabba Haus, the goal is the complete Rottweilers with exceptional temperament, structure, health, and beauty. Dogs who are versatile and meet the highest standards as working dogs, show dogs, and companions.

The "dream dog" that Carrabba Haus worked towards is now represented in lines being used all over the world. Dogs from those lines are bred to be balanced, and they enjoy long, active lives as a result. Superior hearts, hips, and elbows make for healthy animals and Carrabba Haus' holistic approach to the Rottweilers' well-being consistently impresses veterinarians and clients alike.

While breeding is undeniably an art, the process is also highly scientific. Carrabba Haus is proud to be on the cutting edge. A constantly updated understanding of canine genetics, diet, and pharmacology is applied to better the life of each dog.

Carrabba Haus is committed to compact dry lines of the highest quality. Balanced animals that embody the best elements of the breed, while pushing it to new heights. These uncommonly handsome Rottweilers regularly win or place at prestigious events, including the top four most important shows in the world. The program has proven itself a success and Carrabba Haus continues to make subtle adjustments to its lines to chase new achievements.

Building an ideal Rottweiler isn't only about the accolades. It's about the unspoken bonds of trust that form between breeder and dog, breeder and client, and, ultimately, client and dog.



Dale Gowen

We are a small family owned kennel located in northwest lower Michigan. We have been breeding for over 30 years. We have imported dogs from Germany, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Poland, and Greece We have frozen semen from Germany's best studs in a sperm bank in Michigan. We breed only proven top show and working dogs from lines that are established, stable, healthy lines. We do not inbreed nor do any close line breeding. Our dogs are primarily all German we believe that Germany breeds the best rottweilers in the world and we breed on their best lines.

Creelkennel photo California


Brenda Creel

Our kennel is dedicated to breeding healthy and socialized Rottweilers with excellent temperament for obedience, conformation, and wonderful companions. We have a Licensed Dog Kennel on 2 acres, in Riverside California. My adult Rottweilers are AKC, with OFA Certification on their Hips, Elbows, and Hearts, also with Eye Cerf. Worldwide shipping is available. We have 8 Rottweilers in our family right now and plan on adding to that in the future. The well being of this wonderful breed is our goal. It is a true honor to be a breeder of this fantastic breed. We love our Rotts and hope you will too.

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